Come to Light

August 2017 addition of Bevie Magazine themed: The Looking Glass. We had fun playing with light and glass for our submission and I am more than proud to see our images published <3

We finally got to use all those photos she shredded! I wanted to do this shoot since I first started shredding paper on the daily so when Hana was asked to shred old left behind photos, I started stashing the remains in a couple of bags! We both had a lot of fun :)


I loved getting to shoot Reanna and I hope that we get to shoot together again soon!

Water Color

We were so excited to have our work published in Texas magazine, Bevie's April Color Rush edition! We got creative using gels and plexiglass splashed with water and love the results!


I love the way this shoot turned out. Most of the time was send on make up and arranging the flowers. These girls were pros when it came to the posing, together and solo.


My first published image that I got credit for! NM Clique Magazine March 2017

Winter is Coming

When you have a fun idea and you just can't wait to try it out...grab your kid and put her to work :D

I'm still loving the 'models with their pets' theme, and I've got more ideas that I am excited to shoot! This one is, "So rich that she sits around with the dogs all day"

Light Flood

After spending so much time in the studio, methodically planning each shoot out, I needed to get outside, let the sun in my lens and just I did...

Purple Thinkin'

Desert Beauty

Purple Dreamin'

Having Lexi in the studio again and getting to play with my favorite color was a dream!

A really fun natural light in studio tribute to Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia. Simple make up balanced out a hair do that took a bit more time and Ashley was super fun but knew how to be serious when the time was right.

I love this look and she pulled it off perfectly for me! Not to say that Gwen isn't all business, but these pet photos are more people with their pets and my artistic vision :)

My love for mixing patterns and dynamic posing! Angles, angles, angles!

Since my sweetie is at the studio a whole lot with me, she gets to see me in action, which means that she also watches the models and has recently taken a very big interest in modeling. When she saw Alyssa with her snakes, she tugged on my shirt and quietly said, "remember, I want to do the photoshoot." She did most of the make up herself and had a ton of fierce poses for me, this is one of my favorites.

This shoot was planned out for weeks and watching everything fall into place was a dream!

She's so fierce! I am totally on a models with pets kick now!

"you look like you're lots of fun.."

"you look like you're lots of fun.." Our tribute to 80's rock star Pete Burns! Inspired by his bands video from the song, 'You Spin Me Round'.

"look out here I come."

"look out here I come."

Glow Getter

After our Tribute shoot was complete, we did a few of just Lexi and her amazing self!

Alyssa is amazing when it comes to posing her eyes and hands, perfect for creative headshots, and I was excited to learn that she can also pull really fun ideas for make

Forever Alone

It was so much fun to work with local make up artist KT Cravens. She has an amazing commitment to the characters that she creates!

It was so much fun getting invited to shoot with local photographers and local models! I usually shoot with people I know so it was neat to try something different. I got to play with different set ups that were planned and set up by an awesome photographer, Malik Daniels! Fun stuff!!

Melissa is an amazingly talented make up artist! She wanted to try a new eye make up look and I was excited to capture it!

Katherine is so great with posing and controlling her body. I had so much fun composing different looks with her!

I loved getting to play with shadows with Chris!

She is just so much fun to work with!

I found THE perfect model for my hand painted sky mural backdrop!

I had been wanting to do this shoot for a while. After I found the dress at a local thrift shop, everything started to fall into place!

She really did so amazing. I am so blessed when people help me bring my vision to life.

I love high key images! I had a stash of stuff that I had set aside and we just had fun!

playing and trying new things is so much fun!

I love how this whole set came out and that we just kept an open mind with the whole shoot.

She pulled off the look perfectly and I can hardly wait to work with her again!

The first in our series that our team turned in for an art show in San Fransisco!

The theme was, ordinary objects used in a different way.

There were 6 images in the series titled, Enlightenment. Going from a darker more dramatically lit photo to this one were she appears to be angel like

My gorgeous mom! and I finally got to photograph her in that beautiful gold dress!

Glamour fun with one of my favorite people!

I love using different fabrics and textures in my shoots!

So many amazing images from this shoot.

She surprised me with her many poses and expressions.

I had so much fun shooting her. I couldn't believe what a natural she was.

I kept asking myself, 'who is this girl?'

It was cold, but I wanted fog, so we got her all dressed up and she came out to play anyway

so sassy!

i just love that moody sky!

We were on a retreat, she worked the camera for me anyway!

So gorgeous! I feel like I really get to see people through my lens.

So excited to shoot my best friend and favorite make up artist!

She is so adventurous. I love rock formations, so she drove out here with me, climbed with me, and posed for me!

Such a great model! She even chose the perfect outfit!

This shoot was another long awaited but well worth the wait!

It came out better than I could've imagined.

Her poses were on point!

One of my most favorite shoots ever!

I loved working with shadows for this shoot!

That yellow make up! I searched far and wide for a yellow lipstick to go with what I had envisioned for this shoot. I never found it so we ended up making it!

angles, shadows, bold colors, big hair, and that look!

I used different effects on different parts of this photo. I usually don't edit like this but I wanted to make something different to look at

I had an idea and she pulled it off like a dream

My impromptu spur of the moment photoshoot.

Just a pop of color and everything else black, white and gray

a great model, low light and water in studio!